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How DiSC Works

At Everything DiSC®, we’ve dedicated ourselves to making our DiSC® assessment and learning experience as intuitive and user-friendly as possible.


This includes the visual representation of each individual’s assessment results within our proprietary DiSC map, also known as the DiSC circumplex.


This map allows each learner to inherently recognize and understand themselves and how they relate to others in the workplace.

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Dot Placement

A dot’s distance from the edge of the circle shows how naturally inclined a person is to encompass the characteristics of their DiSC style.


A dot positioned toward the edge of the circle indicates a strong inclination toward the characteristics of the style. A dot located between the edge and the center of the circle indicates a moderate inclination. Finally, a dot positioned close to the center of the circle indicates a slight inclination.

For example, someone whose dot placement is on the fringe of the DC portion of the map will likely strongly identify with and present most if not all the characteristics associated with the DC style—independent, difficult to read, skeptical—whereas someone whose DC dot placement is closer to the center of the map will only identify with and express some of these characteristics.


It is important to remember that a dot in the center of the circle is no better than one on the edge and vice versa.

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Solutions That Meet Your Unique Needs

People work together in a variety of contexts. No matter your specific need, Everything DiSC is designed to help everyone in your organization work better together—from individual contributors to C-suite executives.

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Build Better Relationships

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Inspire Great Managers

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Agile EQ*

Increase Workforce Agility

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Productive Conflict

Harness the Power of Conflict

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Work of Leaders

Lead with Impact

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Cultivate Top Sales Talent

*Available on the Catalyst™ platform

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